A trip through Australia

Last July my family and I went on one of the greatest holidays of my life so far, Australia.  After being on the road for two days we fina...

Last July my family and I went on one of the greatest holidays of my life so far, Australia. 

After being on the road for two days we finally landed in Sydney. We arrived at the hotel in the morning and my brother and I didn't want to waste any time so we paced towards the Opera House. Happily there weren't many tourists by that time and we had a beautiful view!

We tried to discover as many places in Sydney as possible and also did a tour to the Blue Mountains. One day we went to Bondi Beach, another day to the Taroonga Zoo where I saw my first Koala and some shopping obviously had to be done too... am I right ladies?

After many good meals and much sightseeing we headed to Alice Springs which is in the middle of nowhere to do a camping sarafi kinda trip in the outback. And believe me when I say it was waaayy more memorable than anything else of our trip.
On the first day of this camping trip Annabelle, our guide, picked us up as well as another bunch of people with whom we were to spend our next few days with. We drove for hours in her little bus and visited many breathtaking locations.

I guess you may know this rock... Uluru. Aside from Uluru (the most 'famous') we visited many other more 'unknown' places (Kata Juta, Kings Canyen etc). 

Every evening Annabelle told us traditional stories of the Aborigines and cooked delicious dinner for us over the campfire. I ate my first Australian Damper and I loved it! I've never experienced sitting around the campfire with strangers from different countries. I loved how everybody was so kind and shared their stories!

We usually slept in tents but one day we slept in SWAGS (If you're not familiar with them: they are like sleeping bags but robuster... explained very very briefly haha). So one night we slept outside directly under the stars. 
One night Annabelle took us far away from artificial light at night. And I've never seen such beauty. Over our heads you could see the milky way and quite often also shooting stars. This was one of the best experiences of my life!

Our next and last stop of Australia was Cairns. We stayed at Palm Cove and enjoyed our last few days there. 

And let me tell you the breakfast was so bomb we ate almost every morning a big brunch in a café! I mean... look at that:

One of my favorite experiences was snorkeling at the Great Barrier Reef. We booked a tour and a ship took us from Cairns to the reef. The corals and fish were so freaking close and so so beautiful I can't put it in words.

Sadly the time has come and we had to leave beautiful Australia. We flew home via Hong Kong and stayed there some days because I used to live there. But this mini trip deserves its very own post hehe.

I hope you've enjoyed reading! Have a nice day!

-Sophie :)

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