Last-minute creative christmas gift idea

Every year we face the same "problem" over again: What to get our loved ones for Christmas. These people often deserve some...

Every year we face the same "problem" over again: What to get our loved ones for Christmas. These people often deserve something way more special than just a simple bath bomb from lush. If you're still desperately searching for a present don't worry cause I got you covered.

For the last few weeks we've been working on a painting in art class that could be the perfect Christmas present.
Our task was to paint a famous person we liked. But we had to do a colorful and rather rough-textured painting of them where you can still see the strokes of the paintbrush. I quite liked the idea because it seemed pretty simple to do. We painted over a printed photo so you just needed to colour the photo.

I chose to paint Adele cause her contour and eyeliner are always poppin' haha (so the shadows are seen better on the photo).

Since the painting is so easy to make and based on a photo you could print a photo of the person you want to give it to or paint their favorite artist or whatever you like.

How to do it step by step 

  1. Print your photo on a rather thicker paper in black and white.
  2. With a sponge soaked in water I moistened the photo on both sides to prevent it from curling up as soon as you start painting. Attach it to a board with tape on the sides and wait for it to dry.
  3. Now you can start painting (I used acrylic paint). It's easiest to paint it on an easel but you can do it without one too. I first coloured the photo with the bright colours and then the dark ones. With the darker colours mixed with water I could paint over the hair for example.
  4. After you've finished painting you can take off the tape and your Christmas gift is done! 
Here's the original photo I used
The painting in progress

I've also made the same thing with Marilyn Monroe. But instead of painting on a photo I painted on canvas:

The photo I used as inspiration

First I sketched onto the canvas

Then I've painted the rest with acrylic paint

Hopefully this post has helped you to find a Christmas gift idea for somebody!
-Love, Sophie :)
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