How to relieve stress

If you're a student you probably know the stress before Christmas. Exams, exams, exams. So for the last couple of weeks I was consta...

If you're a student you probably know the stress before Christmas. Exams, exams, exams. So for the last couple of weeks I was constantly tired (even after drinking a huge coffee) and mainly studying (and of course having some mental breakdowns). Because of that I wasn't able to do the things I wanted like writing posts for my blog and painting. 
But sometimes you just have to take time for yourself and relax to stay sane.

So if you are stressed at the moment here are some tips on how to destress:

Make yourself a warm drink

This always helps me to relax because the whole process of making a coffee, tea or hot chocolate just calms me down. Make sure to sit down and drink without studying or working cause need to have a break from all the thinking.

Don't spend so much time on social media

I know this is a hard one but it prevents you from procrastinating. To be honest I spent too much time on social media if I don't want to study. Also constantly scrolling through my phone doesn't actually help me to relax and I'm only wasting time. So instead go read a book, listen to some music, draw something or make yourself a healthy snack.

Treat yoself!

Self care is so important. So doing something for your body in order to calm down helps. You could paint your nails, have a long bath or shower and light some candles or just simply have a face mask.

Call a friend

Talking to a good friend or family member is another good way to destress. You can get things off your chest or just feel good talking again.


Personally, doing sports that makes me sweat and pushes me physically is a really good way to take my mind off the stress. If you're not really into sports going for a walk, stretching, simply just physically doing something can calm you down. 

I hope these tips could help you and if you're having like 3248 exams in the next few weeks... May the odds be ever in your favour.

-Love, Sophie

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  1. Hey Sophie,
    These tips and tricks are really good. A lot of them I also do for relaxing between the different things to learn. For ne it's sometimes important to have on day without doing anything only relaxing, sports and what inspires me to do. Nevertheless Christmas time is hard in school. I wish you for the exams good luck and you'll make it.
    Love, Lea

    1. Thank you, Lea! Thank god it's almost Christmas. I too hope your exams turned out well.


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